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8GBit USB Flash Drive Smooth Plastic and Metal

USB Quick 2.0 or 1.1
New in original packaging, smooth plastic and metal.
Works similar to a CD-ROM or HardDrive, no drivers needed for Windows or MAC. Plug into any free USB port for easy mobility.
USB 2.0 verified and compatible with USB 1.1.
Plug and Play...just plug and a new drive will be available in you computer (drives) window.
GByte of space for large files.
No data loss when not connected
Low power consumption
Works with Windows or Mac
The words "8GB FLASH DISK" etched into the physical unit from manufacturer.
These items are verified to contain 8GBit(1GByte) of capacity. Select drives have been verified with H2TESTW.

- Currently Priced at only 12.00.
21day return policy.

Burning Hot wheels!
Order the 8GBit USB Flash Drive ($12.00 - NEW) and get it for FREE for a total of $2.55 for shipping and handling (PayPal will charge you .01 cent followed by 2.54 for shipping).
Only 1 per customer will be shipped. This offer is a limited offer, so tell your friends before it's done.