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Chrome SpecForce

Chrome SpecForce Computer Game

SpecForce is a strike force unit created to deal with global hazards and crisis situations that endanger the Federation's stability.
Armed with the most up to date combat equipment designed with the special forces in mind, the SpecForce field agents are an elite of the
Federation's rapid reaction forces. As part of their basic equipment, each agent is fitted with a SPA4 Power Armor and a set of weapons
and equipment, depending on the current mission.

In the sequel to Chrome, you once again take on the role of Bolt Logan. He is now part of the special unit "SpecForce". One day they are sent
to the planet Estrella where a drug is been produced, which makes the consumer very aggressive and strong. But as you reach the facility, you
find out that there is a terrorist group behind it and soon the unit not only fights for its own survival but for the survival of the whole universe.

Chrome SpecForce features a slightly improved Chrome engine which once again allows huge mission areas in which you have complete freedom on
how to fulfill your mission goal. As the land is so big, there are also vehicles available like speeders, powerful Mecs or planes. On foot there
are several futuristic weapons, from the TC234 Pistol to the GL Dragoon Rocket launcher. You are part of a unit, so you fight along with
teammates, and you can give them simple orders to move around or attack.

If you have saved the universe or are tired from the long missions, you can go online and play against other people in Deathmatch or Capture the Flag.

Future warefare Technology

Advanced AI enemies

Amazing and beautiful graphics

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- Currently Priced at only 20.00.

Chrome SpecForce

Chrome SpecForce