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Technical Services

We offer an extensive range of hardware, software and system services.
  • Software, troubleshooting/diagnosis, repair, optimization/backup, bootup issues.
  • System or Server (Software and/or Hardware) Installation, migration, purchasing/planning, troubleshooting/diagnosis, repair, optimization/backup
  • SAN (Storage Area Network) Installation, migration, RAID
  • Spyware and Virus issues.
  • Data Recovery, Hard Drive recovery.
  • Fiber Optic or Ethernet Networking, hardware and/or software, cables, routers, switches
  • Internet Web Site development (HTML/Flash/CSS/Javascript/XML/ASP), internet and print work graphics
  • Onsite house calls available.
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Incense and Oil Products Kitchen and Cutlery Chrome SpecForce FIBEROPTIC NIC
*Incense and Oil Products Kitchen and Cutlery Chrome SpecForce **AT-2916SX/SC PCI Fiber Optic Network NIC
8GBit USB Flash Drive
*USB Flash

*This item includes a limited FREE offer on the item page!
**Includes FREE 8GBit(1GByte) USB 2.0 Flash Drive!

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