To Product List Return Policy

Current as of 08/10/2008

21 Days return policy.
For return the product and all components included must be return to LeapMaker in order to be refunded.
Sales price excluding shipping will be refunded only after the product is returned to inventory or on location at LeapMaker (in the event of defective product).
Should the product found to be non-defective a restocking fee of 5% will be charged and the refund price will exclude said amount.

Beyond 21 days refer to the manufacturer.

Shipment Policy

Current as of 12/08/2008

1~4 Days processing for each shipment.
Inside the USA will ship via USPS, UPS or FedEx and will charge according to current rates.
Outside of the USA will be shipped via USPS and will be charged according to current rates. does not charge a handling fee unless purchased on eBay (due to the additional fee eBay charges).